All about Rotten Tooth 

Rotten tooth is a common problem of kids or adults, men or women, rich or poor etc. Most of the people are suffering with rotten teeth. It is always a distressing to have bad teeth one who thinks that he may have a rotten tooth should not defer his consultation to the doctor. This problem may become serious and can often lead to irregular consequences.

A tooth may become rotten when its structure pulp enamel and dentin are damaged. Sometimes the problem remains ignored and not considered for treatment on time. In this case the whole tooth becomes affected. To avoid infection extraction of the tooth is must. If people are anxious about their health and regularly take care of teeth. They will hardly overlook this problem. As rotten tooth symptoms are quite obvious. Sometimes, bad breath, changes in the size of the tooth or black teeth is noticed .It means that a person does not take care of his teeth properly. Tooth may become grimy which further leads to more serious problems.

The nearby teeth can become infected and also become a rotten tooth.

Unlike dead teeth the rotten teeth can change their colors. It should be noted that once a tooth becomes rotten nothing can be done to save It. it had been neglected long enough. Smell of rotten tooth is one of the most apparent indicators of dental complications. Moreover the size of the tooth may change. If these indicators red spots on legs are neglecting the affected tooth may fall out. First, a bad tooth gets changes its color and size become smaller than before because of the fact that it roots had died. If still they are ignored the rotten tooth nobody can help out even dentist can stop falling of the tooth.

However stretched waiting may be prove unsafe as bad and led to infection in other tooth also .it is a spreadable Infections all over the body. That's why if such situations are faced, doctor always suggests eliminating such teeth. There is nothing frightening about removing a tooth. To fix the rotten tooth, the doctors will use a device to examine the face of your teeth for holes plaque buildup or grooves. Dentist may also apply a stain dye to your teeth to find out cavities that may have formed underneath earlier crowns or fillings.

In the creation stage of tooth decay a high concentration fluoride treatment is required. It will not only seize the decay of tooth but also will guard tooth enamel from further hurt. For the advanced stage there can be a need for filling. For the front tooth decay, the doctor may choose for composite-resin filling, made of plastic and fine glass particles. Fillings are done in manner to match the color and look of accepted teeth. Gold fillings in recommended by dentist in of case strong bite and where there is history of losing other type of fillings. Though Gold filling is very expensive but it is very stronger than others filling.