Blood in Saliva in Morning (Walking Up With Blood in Mouth) 

There are various and different reasons that why blood comes from your mouth or why blood only vagina after pregnancy in the morning comes in your mouth, like there may be many reasons and many things can occur this problem.

Blood in saliva in the morning people sees at what time they spit in the morning they found that when they are spitting there is blood and it may also happen every morning or same time. Some can also have a taste of blood in their mouth, but at night when they sleep there is nothing like that but while waking up with blood in the mouthusually make the people think and they also started worrying about this problem as coming blood from the mouth which is not good for your mouth and for your health also.

Blood in saliva in the morningalso have some of the reasons and you should consult to the doctor. Many people also think that they do regular exercise, eat good and healthy things, they keep their health physically and mentally very fit but why these occur. Although all the things are going very smoothly but then also with some of the internal factors it happens. Some people notice and take it seriously and some don't notice it. If there is any problem related to your health, or any part of it then you should always consult to the doctor. Walking up with blood in mouthcan be due to several causes like if you brush your teeth too roughly it causes gums then it causes blood, sometimes while eating and speaking you bite your tongue or the side of your mouth, also if you do a sports activity during punching or hitting if you have knocked your tooth then also it occur, also while coughing sometime blood comes out from your mouth this happen due to broken blood vessel, if you are vomiting then also blood occur and this result due to the forcing of stomach, and it is not necessary that blood from your mouth is always due to the cavity, it also happen due to infection in your gums or teeth but this is in fact easier said than done to identify this with examine you need to concern to a dentist for this problem.

For treatment doctors do X ray as the first step in knowing the cause of the problem and advise as per the situation. Blood in saliva in morningcommonly occur due a slight from when nose bleeds. It may have a nose bleeding at night and that is only drained backward with the blood pooling at night and this thing come in your mouth and you notice this in the morning. Those who have this problem should prevent their nose from bleeding and this can be done by keeping the air moist. For the reason that the mouth communication with the nose. So if there is this problem you should consult with the doctor for your betterment.