Diphenhydramine HCL Trip Described 

Q: What is Diphenhydramine HCL?

A: This is a drug belonging to the antihistamines group. It can be found in over the counter sleeping aids or in certain pills recommended for motion sickness, as well as in plenty of medication used for treating allergies. Some examples of over the counter drugs containing Diphenhydramine HCL include Benadryl, Unisom and Sominex. People who are interested in a Diphenhydramine HCL trip usually look for products containing this ingredient only.

Q: Can you get high off diphenhydramine hydrochloride?

A: The answer is yes, but this is not at all recommended because of the possible side effects that might occur at high doses. A Diphenhydramine HCL trip is not much fun and it can be characterized as weird and scary. Those who experience it need a recovery time of a few days in which they don't feel very good. They mostly try it out of curiosity and are not astonished by the effects of this substance in the body. Nevertheless, lots of people who are prone to drug abuse can't help wondering "Can you get high off diphenhydramine hydrochloride" and try it despite the warnings that the experience might not be pleasant at all. They usually feel uncomfortable at first and the hallucinations they might experience afterwards might be very strong and scary. People might feel like there are about to lose control completely or lose their sanity.

Q: How much Diphenhydramine HCL is needed to get getting pregnant after miscarriage high?

A: Most people begin with a dose of 200 mg which is higher than anything recommended by doctors. At such a dose the hallucinations might not be very strong, but the feeling of discomfort is pretty obvious. Strong hallucinations begin when increasing the dose to 400-500 mg, but they are still not fun. They might include visions, auditory hallucinations and interacting with imaginary persons or persons from real life who are not present. Doses that exceed 600 mg can be dangerous and can make a Diphenhydramine HCL trip pretty hard to remember, as well as incredibly weird and scary.

Q: How long does a Diphenhydramine HCL trip lasts and how does it feel?

A: A Diphenhydramine HCL trip lasts for several hours and it usually ends when the one who has taken the drug passes out. Amnesia is very common during such a trip, especially in its last phases. Some people have decided to write down their experience and they realized that they wouldn't have remembered some parts of their Diphenhydramine HCL trip otherwise. Such a trip usually starts with an increased feeling of discomfort and sleepiness. The hallucinations kick in after approximately one hour when voices or other noises are being heard. Persons who are not there might also be seen. Everything becomes pretty confusing because people can tell reality from hallucinations anymore. Hallucinations might occur when less expected and visions might be really frightening. Vivid imaginary conversations take place and the one who has been on a Diphenhydramine HCL trip eventually passes out. Unpleasant side effects are felt up several days afterwards.