How to Get Blackheads Out of Ears 

Blackheads are small 6 week ultrasound bumps that appear on the skin. They can be either black or yellow in color and they actually form inside a pore, clogging it. Blackheads are in fact a type of acne that is associated with oily skin. The excess oil gets into the pores and blocks them causing pain and also looking pretty bad. Blackheads usually appear on the face, around the nose or the chin. However, they can affect all body parts, since pores can be found on the entire skin. Some people have blackheads in ear and others might even have them on their back or neck.

The skin in the ear is nothing like the skin on the rest of the body. It is more delicate and sensitive and this makes it prone to scarring. Removing blackheads in ear is not always easy because these are more painful than those on face. They are also more likely to come out leaving an ugly scar, so extra attention is needed.

Those who wonder how to get blackheads out of ear should know that the procedure is similar to that of getting blackheads out of the face, but they need to be more careful to avoid damaging the skin. Here are the steps that need to be followed in order to get the blackheads in ear out:

  1. Before you touch the blackheads in ear make sure both your hands and the affected skin are perfectly clean. Don't use a harsh soap or very hot water to do this because you might irritate the skin. Go for a mild soap and make sure the water is warm. Clean your hands and your ear thoroughly in order to minimize the infection risk.
  2. Use a mild scrub for exfoliating your ear. This will remove the dead cells that might cover the blackheads and it will leave them exposed. Make sure you don't exaggerate with the scrub because you don't want the skin to become irritated. Once you are done, rinse the ear with warm water in order for dead cells to go away and pat it dry gently.
  3. In order for blackheads in ear to come out easy and without scarring the skin you need to open your pores. There are two ways of doing this: you either keep a hot compress on the ear or keep it in a steamy environment. You can create steam by boiling some water and staying on top of it once you took it off the stove or by running hot water in the sink. The steam should not be very hot because it might burn the skin. Open pores will allow blackheads in ear to come out without pain.
  4. If the blackheads weren't completely removed by exfoliation and steaming, squeeze them gently with your fingertips. Don't push too hard and don't use your nails because you don't want to scratch your skin and to cause scars. If a blackhead does not come out when you squeeze it gently, leave it there because otherwise the scar would look uglier.
  5. You can also make use of blackhead removal tools that are commercially available. However, there are very likely to cause scars, so they need to be used very cautiously.
  6. Once you are done removing blackheads in ear, rinse the skin with warm water and pat it dry.