Mucus Threads in Urine- What Does it Mean and How to Treat? 

If your urine test report specifies mucus threads in urine and you are worried what does it mean and how to cure then don't worry because this is quite natural phenomenon. The urinal tract of any human being is basically filled with mucus that might appear as secretions, crystals or threads. These are basically present in the vagina, uterus of a women and urethra and penis of a man. This makes the transparent urine cloudy which strikes the panic button in most of the people. Though it is abnormal or might indicate to some health problem if associated with other symptoms but normally they would indicate to some kind of infection or other medical condition. The mucus threads in urine appear as small ribbons that are not visible to eyes. If they are present in large amounts then this means there is some underlying infection in any part of the urinary tract. In normal conditions there amount is less and would disappear in few days.

If the mucus threads in urine are associated with red blood cells (blood), bacteria or yeast then this indicates to some sort of infection, irritation or other problems. If the amount of these components increases in urine then it indicates either to severe urinary track infection or urinary stone that would make the urine cloudy and reddish. A complete urine analysis could determine the presence of mucus threads associated with epithelial cells, bacteria or red cells. If your analysis only suggest presence of mucus threads then it should be considered as normal and could be treated with medicines and home remedies. It is true that urinary tract and other passages bump on vagina are covered with mucus membrane that secretes mucus to allow smooth passage of stools and other matter. These when get irritated or inflamed might release the mucus or threads from the urinary organs that results in the presence of mucus threads in urine.

Now let's talk about how to get rid of the condition with medicinal and natural sources. If the presence of threads in urine is due to infection of tract or other organ then several antibiotics might help in destroying the disease causing agents and alleviating the irritation to mucus membranes. The occurrence could also be a result of irritable bowel syndrome that causes irritation to bowel and subsequent areas of body. This is caused due to consumption of particular foods that could be avoided to prevent mucus presence in urine. If the condition is due to inflammation of membranes then taking anti-inflammatory dugs could alleviate the symptom. All these conditions are coupled with some other symptoms along with mucus threads in urine that could help in proper diagnosis and treatment.